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Cates Electric LLC has body cameras for sale in Mount Vernon, ME. Whether you need body-worn cameras for your police force or your security guards, we've got the state-of-the-art technology you're looking for. You can rely on our experts to connect your body cameras with an easy-to-use application called AXIS Body Worn Assistant. This app will let you view all of recorded video footage on your phone, laptop or desktop.

Reach out right away with any questions abut our body-worn cameras or the AXIS app.

Stay safe on the job in Augusta

Stop by Cates Electric in Mount Vernon, ME to find the top-of-the-line body cameras you need. Our body-worn cameras are great for:

Police officers
Security guards
Armored vehicle drivers
Fire fighters
Repo men

Call 207-500-6541 now to learn more about our body-worn cameras. We'll be happy to answer any questions.